The events in Odessa at 19 January 2021

Tour to the thermal geysers of the Kherson region

19 January 2021, 07:00
category: tour
875 UAH
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January 19 - Tour to the thermal geysers of the Kherson region. ⠀ The geyser in Kherson is, in fact, a well 1.5 kilometers deep, from which water saturated with biologically active components flows under high pressure into two small equipped pools. ⠀ Iodine, bromine, boron and many other elements make this source a unique natural phenomenon. ⠀ We have a rest with health benefits! Join our Epiphany Day Tour on January 19th! ⠀  Tour program on the website: ⠀ Reservation by phone: 0674828097 #travelAlexGut TOUR PROGRAM 7.00 Departure from Odessa by a comfortable bus (minibus - depending on the configuration of the group). 11.00 Brief acquaintance with the city of Kherson, visiting the brand store of Belozersk wines. Stop at St. Catherine's Cathedral (XVIII century) 12.30 Stop in the Tsyurupinsky forest, you can stretch, breathe fresh air and take a couple of photos among the unusual landscapes of the Oleshkovsky sands. 14.30 Swimming in the geyser, rest. 16.00 Transfer to the town of Golaya Pristan, a stop to purchase gastronomic souvenirs. one 7.30 Lunch and rest at the "Chaika" green tourism base. 19.00 Departure to Odessa.23.30 Return to Odessa. Geysers - hot springs in the steppe - are about 15 km away. from the Iron Port. Now there are three baths at the spring - two with hot water. The water in the spring is brownish-brown from dissolved iodine and is very salty. The geyser temperature is about 65 degrees, in the pool - 45-50 degrees. The depth of the well is 1527 m. There are changing cabins near the bathing house. After bathing in the spring, you feel excellent. Tour cost - 875 UAH. (all inclusive)

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