The events in Odessa at 14 January 2021

22 arcana of fate game transformation

14 January 2021, 19:00
category: religion/spirituality
1300 UAH
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WANT TO GET ANSWERS ON • Why am I where I am now? • What is the current situation in my life related to? • What is important for me to DO first? • What is the best way to address this issue? • What do I need in order to • What to look for • Why is this happening to me? With the help of the "22nd Arcana of Fate" you: • Get tips for dealing with life situations on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels • See and understand what you lack to achieve the desired result • Understand weaknesses and your resources and strengths And make your life's journey this year easy and festive! I invite you to the transformational - karmic game "22 Arcana of Fate". January 14 at 19.00 PLUS two bonuses annual layout using 22 decks (predictive, metaphorical, transformational) and a surprise that will help you in moments when "There are days when you give up, And no words, no music, no strength. Days like this I was apart from you And I didn't ask anyone to help me. And I wanted to go anywhere, Close your house and find no key But I believed - not everything was lost Until the light dims, while the candle burns. " HOST: Inna Tsobenko is the organizer of happiness January 14 at 19.00 Duration - 3 - 5 hours holiday cost until 10.01 - 1000.00 after 10.01 -1300.00 how to pay and find out the answers to questions by phone 0673506687 or PM IV TsobenkoThe game "22 Arcana of Fate" is the author's game of Elena Avanesova. At the heart of the game is the ancient TAROT system, namely, the senior arcana, which carry archetypes and significant periods of a person's life path, as well as are the "access code" to the wisdom of the collective unconscious. CG Jung introduced the Tarot into psychology and today this system is successfully used in group and individual counseling. Its uniqueness is that the game is aimed at a person's awareness and control of cause-and-effect relationships in his life, taking personal responsibility for his thoughts and actions and the results to which they lead. The game answers the questions: "Why is THIS happening to me?", "How best to solve ...?", "What do I need in order to ...?", "What to pay attention to ...?" Play is safe on the one hand and productive on the other. The game removes internal resistance and rewards with insights, leading a person through the labyrinths of his unconscious and demonstrating, literally at the level of sensations, the charge of energy of the arcana, which can be a resource, or slow down the development of a situation, which gives a deep understanding of what is happening. 22 archetypes are powerful internal schemes, according to which a person stereotypically acts in a given situation, interacts with the outside world and himself. Requests that can be processed using the game: • Relationships (parent-child, male-female, team attitude) • Career and finance (all issues related to work and business, money and material resources)• Self-realization (finding your own path, opportunities and resources for spiritual growth and realization) • Internal states (state of uncertainty, sadness, discomfort, depressive states) • Other aspects (any of your requests that are of concern at the moment may be the entrance to the game)

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