The events in Odessa at 16 January 2021

Saturday supervisory group. Additional set

16 January 2021, 11:00
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Saturday Supervision Group Additional recruitment to an already working, professional group. There are 2 places. Working hours: on Saturdays, once a month from 11 to 18 Bazarnaya 63, office. 805 We teach to work in a group of colleagues. And: As Gestalt therapists, we are clearly not focused on judging, knowing how to live the client. Our task is to accompany him in the development of contact skills, organizing the movement in the best way for ourselves, the achievement of the Other. But definitely not marry him, or divorce. In this regard, we, as therapists, constantly develop our own sensitivity as a barometer of contact with the client, because he will build it with us as well as with people in his life. We, therapists, are people too, and we will surely fall into the network of projections, experiencing a variety of difficult feelings. And not to risk going into full contact, often getting stuck in an egotistic trap, because for us everything is uncertain and unpredictable there. And you have to learn courage with the client. Therefore, in supervision, we are primarily interested in the therapist, not his client. We do not compete for the best / more experienced therapist by telling the supervisor everything about his client's psychopathology, but we invite you to research: How does the client influence me, and how do I influence him? How does the client put in me everything that he cannot digest, and he has to organize contact in the usual way?  What kind of contact intentionality is the client trying to place in the session, and how do you experience it?How to be there and not do his work for the client, giving enough support and the opportunity to arrange all your contact methods and explore them? Come. Leading: Tyuleneva Natalia is an accredited gestalt therapist and supervisor of the OTPPG. Private practice since 2007. Specializations: group management; philosophy of the gestalt approach. Tel .: +380672614637 Ekaterina Stefan is a clinical psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist, supervisor and assistant. trainer OCPAP, 15 years of psychotherapeutic practice, 10 years of supervising. Specializations: family systemic psychotherapy, gestalt therapy with children, sexology. Tel .: +38 067 994 17 27

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