The events in Odessa at 01 February 2021

Showcase "Ukrainian revolution 1917-1921: regional vimir"

01 February 2021, 10:00
category: exhibition
place: Historical Museum (Gavannaya str., 4)

I will ask on 26 June about 14.00 for the display of the show "Ukrainian revolution 1917-1921: regional war". The informational and educational project "Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921: Regional War" was instituted by the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory and incorporated into the life of the form of the overseas display. The organizers of the show were the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the State Archive Service of Ukraine. The memory of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921, which became the primary stage of the Ukrainian state creation, became one of the most important officials in the consolidation of the Ukrainian suspension. On the other hand, the regional vimir of the revolution is lacking in visibility and representation in the national context of the national memory. Vіdtak meta proponovanoї vistavki - visvіtlennya perebіgu Ukraїnskoї revolyutsії 1917-1921 rokіv on mіstsyah, zokrema, stvorennya that dіyalnostі of Ukrainian іnstitutsіy that organіv Vladi, vazhlivih voєnno-polіtichnih podіy that populyarizatsіya dіyachіv Ukraїnskoї revolyutsії, SSMSC take fate in revolyutsіynih podіyah, boules reprezentantov ukraїnskoї derzhavnostі at times, prote and dosi become too small.Tom, 15 banners in the display report about the transition of the Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1921 rr. in Kiev, Volina, Sicheslavshchina, Podillya, Poltava region, Slobozhanshchina, Kherson, Chernigivshchina, Galicia, Bukovin, near Transcarpathia, Tavria and Krim, as well as in the lands of the Donetsk region near Bessarabia. The author of the list also draws respect to the podiatry, which was seen in every effort on the slopes of the Russian Empire, where the Ukrainians lived compactly, and there were some parts of the country that hunted the Ukrainianization. Information and educational banners to reveal unique materials from Ukrainian archives and museum installations, private archives and special references of histories. A perezuvna show "Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1921: Regional Vimir" was overlooked by the entire oblast center of Ukraine. In Odessa, the announcement will be held within the framework of the feast day of the Day of Unity of Ukraine on 26 September 2021, about 14.00 at the address: vul. Havanna, 4, Odessa Historical and Cultural Museum. Exposure: from 26 September 2021 p. 25 fierce each 2021 p. Every day, from 10.00 to 17.00, the weekend is Friday. Tel. for additional information: (048) 726-26-08, 722-84-90.

The poster of the event — Showcase "Ukrainian revolution 1917-1921: regional vimir" in Historical Museum