The events in Odessa at 26 February 2021

Astrology of Partnership

26 February 2021, 19:00
category: online
place: ELKOR clinic, Osteopathy, rehabilitation (St. Trinity, 38, clinic 5, KAB.19)

We invite you to a 3-day workshop "Astrology of Partnership" from astropsychologist Tatiana Ivanchenko on-line After completing this intensive, you will get a complete understanding of your partner, which will be especially useful if you are in a state of crisis with him. Practical work on the natal charts of you and your partner. On the astrological chart, you can find out the preferences and needs of both yourself and your partner. Mini-course program: - building your natal chart and your partner's chart - general concepts of astrology for understanding any natal chart. - the language of the elements, signs of the zodiac, planets and houses - your partner's preferred woman - the leading needs of your partner (what he needs) - the preferred ideal of a man for you and how much it matches / does not coincide with your partner - your leading needs, what you need, whether you receive them from your partner - the type of manifestation of love and emotions of your partner - the type of manifestation of love and emotions you have. How much they match / do not match at the moment. - if there are no common points of contact, then what else can connect us?