The events in Odessa at 25 February 2021

Master class "LIFE PLUS"

25 February 2021, 18:30
category: seminar/training
300 UAH
place: Center of personal development "Development" (Uspenskaya str., 60)

If you met yourself as an individual, would you want to continue your relationship with that person? Let's put your goals and values ​​to the test in express mode. Come to the master class: ⠀  LIFE PLUS February 25 at 18:30 Military descent 14, Odessa Participation - 300 UAH ⠀ ‍♀️ Host - Alena Neiman ⠀ We decided to take you on a tour - into your own life. Take a large magnifying glass and look for cracks, dust, closed basements, moldy corners. The ones you didn't want to look into. ⠀ Let's talk about business, and about relationships, and about love, and about personal growth - let's not limit your questions. ⠀ What we get: ⠀  in practice you will see how you create results in life; ⠀  what strategy do you follow when creating relationships with people;  test yourself for strength, in the literal sense of the word; ⠀  you will be filled with a positive charge, inspiration and thoughts; ⠀  you will meet new people who have similar tasks, interests, goals. ⠀ You can sign up already in Yandex.Direct, we will reserve a place 

The poster of the event — Master class "LIFE PLUS" in Center of personal development "Development"