The events in Odessa at 28 February 2021

Arch Walk behind the scenes of the Opera

28 February 2021, 14:00
category: tour
299 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

On a walk around the backstage of the theater, we will go down to the underground premises and find out what is hidden from the eyes of the audience. Let's look behind the curtain and find out how many floors the stage has, see the director's control panel and walk through the maze of corridors, looking into all the hidden corners. We will visit the store of scenery and costumes, look at ourselves in a huge mirror, learn about the lighting, heating and ventilation system of the theater. Let's get inspired and take a look at the famous theater from a new angle.  Ticket 299 ₴  Be sure to bring masks with you Where we meet at the entrance to the Opera House  Who To understand the essence of Odessa, the walk is interesting for townspeople, tourists, social activists, guides, urbanists, designers, architects, photographers.  Who leads the walk Ekaterina Ergeeva is an art critic and literary critic, a girl with a subtle feeling and knowledge. With her we will get acquainted with new facets of the history of Odessa. Valentina answers questions at the number: +380 63 163 20 09 Come and see you!

The poster of the event — Arch Walk behind the scenes of the Opera in The Opera and ballet theatre