The events in Odessa at 28 February 2021

Gurdjieff movements

28 February 2021, 15:00
category: group training
200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

For those who develop their brains, trains mindfulness and wants to be able to manage their emotions Practice of Gurdjieff Movements solves several problems at once: Not enough energy This is because your centers - physical, intellectual and emotional - are out of balance. By practicing the Movements, you will stop wasting energy uselessly and will finally feel the strength to Live in yourself! Not enough attention Many tasks, and you are one. How to do many things at the same time without losing quality? Gurdjieff's movements teach divided attention. You will be able to easily switch from one process to another, feeling more empowered to complete the same tasks. Emotions are running high You will forget about what it means to "lose your temper" and not control negative emotions. Movements teach presence, non-manifestation of negative emotions. No suppression, just transforming. In a master class, you will learn how you can get this skill. Captured by stress You cannot deal with them on your own. Sometimes you feel that you are alone, and there is nowhere to wait for support. Movement teaches you how to find resources to manage stress within yourself. In fact, you have everything, only you do not know where it is. You will find your source of strength! New body sensation The practice of Gurdjieff's Movements helps to develop attention of a completely new, complex, volumetric type, which simultaneously includes all three centers - body, heart, mind. A certain new sound of one's own body opens up, more voluminous, more lively and full. Real benefitYou can learn to split your attention into multiple streams, improve the efficiency of many things you do in your daily life, and be relaxed and alert at the same time. Learn to better manage your body, thoughts, emotions using the psycho-bodily techniques of Samadeva. Leading Maria Dolgova 0679077094 With myself: -Comfortable clothes, changeable shoes or socks The cost of the lesson is 200 UAH. Where? Samadeva Odessa, Levitan, building 105

The poster of the event — Gurdjieff movements in Location