The events in Odessa at 13 June 2021


13 June 2021, 18:00
category: concert
from 150 to 200 UAH
place: True man Hot Boat (Dolphin beach)

It's no secret that concerts are about drinking in a bar, smoking on the street, and fucking sucking on stage. In the latter, you will be helped by the groups of Evgeny Tymchik and his label. The following groups will perform somewhat: SEPTA The nietzsche Between two oceans Rabbit Leader 0% Mercury Septa is a real heavyweight of the Ukrainian underground, behind which there are already four albums that regularly fall into the lists of the best releases of the year. With its persistence and originality of the material, the group has earned recognition both in Ukraine and in the West. A distinctive feature of their music is the combination of progressive sound with the energy of hardcore, which is emphasized by truly explosive live performances. The Nietzsche is one of the most shocking collectives in Ukraine, famous for its sense of humor and vivid stage images. Performs songs in the Matkor style on the verses of famous poets, accompanies his music with extraordinary video clips. Each performance is unique and turns into a real stage performance. Between Two Oceans is one of the new bands in Odessa, which has already earned the love of the public. Live it is always incredible energy and powerful sound. The band is preparing to release their debut album. @septaisnotaband @thenietzscheband @ Presale active: UAH 150 On the day of the concert: 200 UAH Format: "Restaurant & Lounge" The concert is held in accordance with all the sanitary standards of the Ministry of Health. ⠀ FC / DC 18+

The poster of the event — TYMCHAT'S RIDING in True man Hot Boat