The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Sofiyivka and fantasy park New Sofiyivka

12 June 2021, 06:50
category: tour
480 UAH
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Old Uman + Sofievsky Park ... You will find a fascinating journey through the streets of the old town and the secrets of the Basilian Monastery underground. You will hear stories of years gone by, full of great and tragic events; you will feel the breath of the past, remember the names of outstanding personalities, whose fates are inextricably intertwined with the fate of Uman. Ode to love - Sophia Park is one of the largest arboretums in Ukraine, which has long become famous outside the country and is known even in space, one of the planets bears its name. On the territory of the former property of the Potocki family, named after the wife of the owner of the estate, you can see not only outlandish plants, but also plots of ancient myths in sculptural compositions. Pools, ponds, grottoes, fountains - all this is collected on the territory of Sofiyivka. But what to tell, it is better to see once!

The poster of the event — Sofiyivka and fantasy park New Sofiyivka in Location