The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Cash and business constellations

12 June 2021, 12:00
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Money is a litmus test of what is happening in the human system. A business project is an extension of the owner and reflects his condition, life decision-making models and life situations. Both the first and the second are part of the system in which systemic laws operate. Violation of laws leads to blocking and "gags" in money and business. What the spreads allow you to do: ✅ Diagnosis of major obstacles and their elimination ✅ Identifying barriers to a new income level and gradually overcoming them ✅ Revealing hidden speakers ✅ Diagnostics of strategic directions ✅ Identifying effective customer acquisition channels ✅ Determining the Best Price ✅ Researching your audience and drawing up the most effective advertising messages ✅Determination of the most financially effective directions of development ✅Clarification of the "relationship" between the owner and his business (solves management issues) ✅Identifying the reasons for the scenario in business and changing it. ✅Study models of organizational processes ✅ Finding and testing an effective Main Objective and Mission of the project. The very aspects that attract customers at the energy level. ✅ Diagnostics of investment return terms ✅ Drawing up a strategic plan for the phased implementation of large goals with the identification of obstacles and options for overcoming them. ✅ Resolving conflicts between the owner and employees ✅ Researching partnership options ✅ Diagnostics and increase in financial capacity✅ Diagnostics of control styles ✅ Finding the reasons for the "drain" of money and their elimination And many other options for inquiries related to finance and business projects. Moderated by Svetlana Gorbach Psychologist, systems constellator, business constellator, organizational consultant, business psychologist, certified trainer for the development of effective business thinking. Body-Oriented Therapist, Shock Trauma and PTSD Specialist, MAC Trainer, Proessssor RPT, specialist in Talpis Vlesenskaya therapy, quantum therapy, DI, specializing in organizational coaching, To participate write in private messages or 0667009556. The promotional cost of the work is 2000 UAH. Deputies UAH 50 Wellcome!

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