The events in Odessa at 23 July 2021

Art-project of the artist IraVish "Lyalki. Piznannya svitu" / Painting and instalation

23 July 2021, 10:30
category: exhibition
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

 The art project of the artist IraVish will be stored in two parts - painting and instalation. Offended part of the food is meaningful lyalok in the life of the child, in pouring into the form of the child's svidomosty.  At the picturesque part of the IraVish project: a woman who plays with specialties, social, supportive roles, learns the light from everybody's development. Alle tsі іgri is not called safe: for an additional lyalok we see the manipulation of the child, form a type of sprying of reality, the connection to the "vіrnnyh" requirements is formed.  “Pratsuyuchi over the project, I went for a visit, which could be absurd: lyalki melt alter his hair, irrevocably transformed їkh - little girls - in other dogs. It should be manifested by the stretching of life - in zest, in behavior, in the manner of pulling on. First, one more caution: an imperturbable rank, a little bit to move new women images (that's the way it is, not navpaki!). I made a big mistake, since the first Barbies appeared on the victim's expanse, and next to them there were unprecedented little stars, with an ideal figurine - there hadn't been such a thing before! - dvchata ”, - the artist shared her warnings and messages. For the IraVish project, nearly twenty portraits of naked lialoks, overwhelmed by their characters and emotions, were written. In the exposition of the stench, interspersed with decilkom portraits of naked women, vikoristovuchi as an artist nibi pull on a phrase that has become commonplace, about those who are all in the hands of a lyalka. “Why are the heroes of my paintings naked? To that end, it’s just the day of speeches. Nevipadkovo zh іsnu viraz "gol the truth", - I will explain IraVish, - Vinyatok at the gray store only two cloths, symbols of "vitrine needs" - mannequins. " The robots of the series are displayed in such a way that the gaze of the eyes can be transformed into the transformation of the lilies. The exposition will be completed by two "pekeln" portraits. For їkh help, the artist didn’t care, how could in the near future be able to produce the results of genetic manipulations, the synthesis of machines and people.  The picturesque part of the project has been supplemented with a collection of references, also of naked lialoks. Oh nadali Sergiy & Olena Filippovi (project "Kukl'tura"), as well as Sergiy Konyakhin. Our life is more expensive, in the end it’s too expensive to get lost - those are the ones who do not see it, and it’s efficient to lay it on us. The very same, in another part of the project - the instalation, prompting on the visualization of the spogadіv about the lyalok, like the old children have grown up, the wicked walks, like the symbol of the rise in price and the swelling, like the symbol of the passed way. Moreover, a mustache in іnstalyatsіy vzuttya to lay the heroines themselves, as they have developed their history. We will be accompanied by children’s photographs, and in decilkoh vipadkas, they will be covered with lals, about yak yde mova! Let's add a block in the video installer "special history". In them lyalki, the stench would be alive, they could be received as testimonies of epic and tragic events.  Specially for another part of the project, the artist Olena Zublevich took the film-interview “Bigger Nizh Lyalka” and the non-plot absurd film “People. Piznannya svitu ". Also, in other part of the project, materials of pre-old robots were presented to the students of the Odessa National University. І. І. Mechnikov on the theme "The culture of childhood" (scientific copy - Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Inna Golubovich). Curator of the project - Igor Poronik Design project - Olena Mazurkevich While working on the project, the author IraVish cheated on the creativity of the artist Іnni Hasilevoi.  Presentation of the show 4 lime trees ⏳ About what? 15:00 Dali: schodenno (okrіm middle) 3 10:30 to 18:00 (Casa until 17:30)

The poster of the event — Art-project of the artist IraVish "Lyalki. Piznannya svitu" / Painting and instalation in Museum of Western and Oriental art