The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Festival "Metamorphosis" / Fire massage

24 July 2021, 14:30
category: more
place: Botanical garden (French Boulevard, 48/50)

MASSAGE BY FIRE or IMPERIAL MASSAGE   The secret of Taoist healers-monks - the healing of the Body and Spirit, has long been considered a secret skill. But it finally became available outside the walls of the Imperial Court and monasteries.  And you are the one who can try fire massage at our festival! At the presentation, those who wish will be shown work with the abdomen, head, back, lower back and arms. What do you want to try? _____________ The entire spectrum of action from such a session is divided into physiological and spiritual components. ✅ At the physiological level: ✔ Relieves fatigue, soothes. ✔ Penetrating heat relaxes muscles, dilates blood vessels, improves blood and lymph circulation, activates sweating and metabolism, and helps eliminate toxins. ✔ Heat expands pores and multiplies the effect of herbal infusions and balms that penetrate deeply into the skin. In addition, this is an excellent way to prevent diseases and can be carried out even if the bath and other thermal procedures are contraindicated. ✅At the energy level, fire has the ability to cleanse the aura and charge with its energy. This is the best radical way to cleanse energy structures, remove negative information and fill with pure energy. For each procedure, tinctures are prepared in advance from the strongest herbs: St. John's wort, yarrow, wormwood, etc.  And also: Tibetan balsams, shea and ghee, cocoa and coconut, aromatic butter infusions and a pleasant atmosphere.Everything in order to feel your body in a new way. The effect will be felt immediately! With love,  Tatiana Kukharenko Master of energy-cleansing bodily practices. (Ancient classical Chinese techniques for working with biologically active points and energy channels) ALREADY BOUGHT A TICKET? HURRY! WITH EVERY ANNOUNCEMENT, EVERYTHING THEM IS LESS 栗 ‍♀️

The poster of the event — Festival "Metamorphosis" / Fire massage in Botanical garden