The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Great battle of poets

25 July 2021, 13:00
category: literary evening
place: Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky (St. Trinity, 49/51)

USIH SINGING ASKED BEFORE PARTICIPATING THAT BAZHAEMO ALL PEREMOGY! Take part in the poetry battle: "THE GREAT BATTLE POETIV" - Literary entry є in such a way as to be moderated. - Moderators - Nail Muratov, Evgeniya Krasnoyarova. - To take your fate at the entrance, you need to send an application for an electronic mail screen - Before the application, include: information about the author (general - name and name, place of residence) and additional information about three questions on a particular topic. At the end of the sheet it is meant that the author will come back to mind and the rules for choosing the participants. - Mova creation - Ukrainian, Russian. - Applications will be accepted until 24.00 19 April 2021. - All applications will be reviewed by moderators and organizers. - Before participating in the "GREAT BATTLE POETIV" on the submission of applications submitted by the moderators and organizers will be from 12 to 15 authors. - Transfer of authors, selected for participation in "THE GREAT BATTLE POETIV", will be naked on 20 April 2021 at a special addition before sunset. - Kozhen from the authors, who have been selected for participation in the literary visit, ask for the "GREAT BATTLE OF POETIV" for the presentation of the changes. The format of the whistle: 1 verse from the dobirka, which was supervised by the applicant, and 1 versh on the topic "Natural dobir". - Reading within the framework of the literary call "THE GREAT BATTLE POETIV" will arrive on 25 April at 13.00. - Possibility will be on the basis of an hour of reading a glance voice.- To the authors, who didn’t get asked to participate in the “GREAT BATTLE POETIV”, they wrote a verse on the topic “Nature's good”, if they would be given the opportunity to read this posture to the poetical characters (for the alternate ones) with moderators. ZVERTAMO UVAGU PARTICIPANTS ON THOSE, BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN THE LITERATURE ENTRANCE "THE GREAT BATTLE SINGING" CREATIVES ARE NOT ALLOWED: - to violate the norms of the legislation of Ukraine, including create that is directed towards the promotion of national, racial and religious hate, towards the belittling of national honor and honor; - create, to take revenge on profanity.

The poster of the event — Great battle of poets in Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky