The events in Odessa at 23 July 2021

Days of the Irix asset test by Paparazzi

23 July 2021, 11:00
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Photo shop Paparazzi at once from @Irixlens will ask for new films on the day of the open test Irix for Sony E-mount. Irix is ​​a whole brand, created by entuziast photographers and kino. It’s a solution to discover some of the best traditional characteristics of enterprises with innovations. It’s a young brand, Irix has a fresh look at photography and film, and it’s new problems, which are often used for cinematography and photography. Would you like to buy a movie? Maybe you would like to protest photographic objects with small focal points before buying? Come to see us for an hour with the Irix brand and find out how to start a movie and a photo editor for practice! Pid hour of setup: * You can speed up the opportunity of individual consultations, from experts * You know, how can you use cinema assets, how parameters are victorious, but in the whole world you are victorious about the potential of dowry possession * You can be influenced by your specific photography style * You can take out the power supply without a representative in the brand, which is developing the sum from the drive. * Take a superb price on the object * Meet with professionals, share your knowledge and learn about a wide range of products of the Irix brand Date: 20-21.07.2021 Hour: mi for you from 11:00 to 20:00 You can come and wonder at a time and testuvati possession. Restratsіya for donations: Photo shop Paparazzi, st. Novoselsky, 72

The poster of the event — Days of the Irix asset test by Paparazzi in Location