The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Promotion. Group Business Coaching

25 July 2021, 11:00
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Program "Movement: Your Conscious Movement in Business". Your Professional Transformation lives here  It is broader than pumping, teaching, mentoring or training. This is its unique space, which accompanies the participant for 10 months, carefully revealing talents, potentials, answering questions about business, work and yourself, inspiring action and movement. Declare yourself, pack what you have, discover new things, feel the purpose and change the obvious plans ... to be a pleasure. “With interest, trust and courage, we embark on our expanding journey. We will meet once a month to be filled with new ideas; expand a clear understanding of your business / job / business; combine sometimes seemingly incompatible. Business model, financial flow, money, the formula for increasing income, marketing literacy, advertising manifestations on the one hand, and spiritual growth, karmic management, practices, integrity and awareness on the other) but these two sides are integrity. This is “I and my business”. It's about pleasure! " New stream Odessa: 1 meeting per month 11: 00-17: 00. Online: 2 meetings a month for 3 hours. Intermodular support in a closed chat. Each module: ✔️theoretical thematic block ✔️ practices, exercises, art techniques ✔️ case studies - examples ✔️leveling projects of participants ✔️ inspiration, insights, motivation ✔️ homework ✔️ certification (when defending a project) Meeting topics:- Me and my business / work / business. Swelling and reaching the resource state. Sustainable goal setting - Consciousness of expansion and scaling. Trajectory of movement. - Business modeling. Other side. Unofficial. - Purpose. Work is fun. Monetizing your hobby - Money. Financial flows. - My WOW professional effect. Bonus: Wish Map 2022 (optional) - Personal brand formula. New landmarks. - Clients and looking glass. How to reach a client. - Leadership skills. Delegation trajectories. - Marketing of the new time. Keys to efficiency. Marketing literacy. - Promotion: we understand the essence and reveal the secrets. - Internal and external side of the business: marketing and management. Interaction keys. - Philosophy of Karmic Management (Fundamentals of Diamond Wisdom) - Communication. External and internal. In marketing and sales. Secrets and Keys. - Business for pleasure. Conscious business. ⠀ Start on July 25 (presumably). Welcome to the world of your professional pleasure! Into a holistic field your professional transformation and conscious expansion, pumping your project, new Cause, business, work. We will learn new things, organize what we eat, expand vision and feeling, play, drink coffee, be filled and inspired! A course for those who want to move in business (in their work) easily and with pleasureProMotion is a professional transformation program - about business movement / business promotion. Modules on Sundays once a month. 11: 00-17: 00 Take care of your participation in advance. The unique author's program of Zhanna Menshikova is a collaboration of marketing and business coaching. “Pro Movement in Business. Business Promotion " Your personal keys.

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