The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

Revision and discussion of the film Talli at the Kinoklubi "Kryz prism"

24 July 2021, 17:00
category: movie
100 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

️ Introduce your view of our Cinema Club "KRYZ PRISM" that I ask you to take a quick look at the upcoming negotiations on the film "Tall" already on Saturday 24 days.  Cinema Club is the center of good cinema, as I create a life of misery, stimulate emotional and intellectual development and give wonderful moods. Professionally vigorously playing sports we are not deprived of robots. What kind of professional training is there? How can you see what you can do with your skin? The film is in dependence on the village and yes, the deyaky are seen on the butt of the life of the head hero Marlo. ️ Peer-review of the film to allow the skin participant to contribute to the picture of the visceral manifestation, to make contact with himself, to actualize the individual life, to experience, to communicate with the participants with a special zmist. ️‍️ Film screening includes a spilnye glance and discussion of their experiences, taken with a film. 里 Zustrich divided into two parts: ⭕ Pereview the movie 10-hour break time ⭕ Live discussion For bazhannyam, you can look at the film at home and come to the agreement. ️ According to the rules of the club, the leather participant has the right to actively take part in the discussion and loving his thoughts from the leader to the other participants. ️ Ticket price: 100 UAH ⏰ Hour on the cob call: 17:00 ⏰ Hour of completion of entry: 20:00 ❓ If you have a new meal, you can ask us in private. ️ Chekaєmo you at the address: "Odessa Regional Methodical Center for Early Involvement", vul. Kanatna, 27, 2nd on top Registration under the number +38 050 760 56 71

The poster of the event — Revision and discussion of the film Talli at the Kinoklubi "Kryz prism" in Location