The events in Odessa at 23 July 2021

Film in the Museum: Modilyan. Nevidoma history / OPEN AIR ART

23 July 2021, 21:00
category: movie
from 100 to 150 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

We have checked so hard and with the joy of the occasion - the cinema will turn to Odessa Artistic! ✊ Already 23 days of the show at the first screening of the sky within the framework of the project “Cinema in the Museum | OPEN AIR ART ". De: Dvir of Odessa Artistic, Sofiyivska, 5a Koli: Shop on Friday at 21:00 Varity: 100 - 150 UAH, receipts for the museum's website: Ts'ogorich mi circulated with you not only by lines about artists (I wish we couldn’t miss a whole lot of you without them), but to open up the theme of the mystery - we are wondering about architecture, dance, fashion, and others.  Laying on linden - serpen: ✔️23 lime trees - “Modilyanі. Nevidoma istoria ", 90 hv, Ukrainian voice acting, tickets: ✔️30 linden - "Taнmni іmpresionisti", 90 mins, Ukrainian voice acting. ✔️6 serpnya - "Genial Couture", 74 min, Ukrainian voice acting. ✔️13 serpnya - "Romeo and Juliet", 92 min, Ukrainian voice acting. ✔️27 serpnya - "Spirit of Bauhauzu", 95 hv, nimetska mov with Ukrainian subtitles. Mamo kilka prokhan:  Please do not use your phones or take a photo or video.  Tickets cannot be exchanged and turned over, Member Cards and pilgrims cannot be exchanged for receipts.  At the time of the film screening, the screening will be postponed to the nearest day for the kind-hearted weather minds.  Please do not oversaturate the style and sun loungers, be weasel, keep the distance.  Please do not live alcoholic drinks and do not burn at the courtyard of Odessa Artists. It is recommended to take with you and against the coma of our films to see just the sky at the evening hour. Ulyana Dovgan - curator of the project, head of the event-viddilu and childish programs of Odessa Artistic. Until the scene in the Odessa Artistic ❤️

The poster of the event — Film in the Museum: Modilyan. Nevidoma history / OPEN AIR ART in Art Museum