The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Walk "Secrets of underground Odessa"

25 July 2021, 17:00
category: tour
from 150 to 250 UAH
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Excursion Secrets of underground Odessa (CATACOMBS near Moldavanka) will take place on July 24 at 17.00 This is a guided tour: three in one 1. CATACOMBS 2. KARST CAVE 3. STRATEGIC ATOMIC BUNKER. We will descend the name to a depth of 25 meters (this is 7-8 floors down) and walk about 2 km under interesting stories with different expositions. Helmets and flashlights are given to everyone. Passage of expositions: Anti-radiation shelter - Cold War theme for 1200 people. Former women's prison. Stalker is a post-apocaleptic theme. Before and after logging into the system - the topic is "Mining, city building, the growth of catacombs, etc." Lakes! The island of lovers is the theme of psychology, anatomy, biorhythms, the influence of the sun, etc. Partisan camp - the theme of the partisan movement of the Great Patriotic War, their life and realities of that time The Catacomb Church is a story of persecution and schism in the church. The Prisoner - The History of the Slave Trade. Raspberries - the history of crime, their connection with the dungeons, legends of the past. Smuggling, treasures (what has been dug up and what has not yet) and other finds.  At the end, in a huge hall, at oak tables, by candlelight, we will be treated to delicious tea with gingerbread! ⏳ Duration: 2.5 hours Cost: 250 UAH - adult. 150 UAH children 7 - 13 years old, Note : In the catacombs, the temperature is stable at 13-15 degrees (it is very comfortable there now) Necessarily sweaters, windbreakers and comfortable shoes, well and honey MASKS !!! Excursion time: July 25 beginning at 17.00 Sign up for a guided tour of the Viber 0504624199

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