The events in Odessa at 24 July 2021

We go to Odessa courtyards with Where Are We Going ?! Route 6

24 July 2021, 10:00
category: tour
from 100 to 200 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Friends! Walk in the very center of Odessa, but not in a straight line, but along it. Along the former Red Rows, which at one time could compete with the Champs Elysees themselves. It is a pity that in France they did not know anything about it  We will visit completely different polar but interesting, authentic courtyards with you!  We will see a unique architectural artifact, even two, and if you are careful, we will see three!  Find out where and how Pushkin beat the Odessa mayor at cards!  What is left of the old church, how it looked, and who has been there, and also see the oldest functioning church in Odessa!  Of course, we won't get into the cell to Grisha Kotovsky, but we can knock on the wall!  How people who were far from the profession of an actor prepared for the performance and in what wine cellar it happened!  How and where modern Israel was born!  A stunning courtyard in three parts and what was in it!  On the route you will get acquainted with the "Black Cat" - take care of your jewelry, do not take them with you, only money for the excursion And that's not all. Everything will be just for a walk! ‍ Route: Aleksandrovsky Prospect - Pokrovsky Lane - Jewish Street - Nechipurenko Lane - Troitskaya Street - Uspenskaya Street.  Saturday 24 July 10:00.  Start: near the monument to Adam Mitskevich (Bunin str. / Aleksandrovsky avenue)  Cost: 200 UAH. - adult, 100 UAH - pupils. ⏰ Duration: 3 hours.  Inquiries and registration by phone +38 096 142 13 79 (Viber, Direct, Telegram, WhatsApp).It only seems to you that you know Odessa! 

The poster of the event — We go to Odessa courtyards with Where Are We Going ?! Route 6 in Location