The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Music concert LA CALLE 92

25 July 2021, 18:00
category: concert
250 UAH
place: Museum-photo studio "Front Bukovetskago" Odessa (st. Princely, 27)

Ladies and gentlemen, we hasten to invite you to an extraordinary evening, where Argentine tango and jazz will sound, framed by lines from Cortazar, which can be called the poetry of a hot city. During the intermission, you will have a treat, as well as the opportunity to take photos in one of the most beautiful places in the city. We are waiting for you at the address Knyazheskaya street, 27 at 18:00. Book tickets by phone: Hurry up! Only 20 places. Astor Piazzolla is an underrated composer who cannot be overstated. His works breathe hot Argentine evenings and heartbreaking stories. Has it ever happened to you that your heart hurts so much about someone, so languishes, shedding tears, and still cannot express it in a word, this "word" hurts a little and shines through with emptiness? The great Astor was able to fit all his mental anguish into the cages of musical measures. His thoughts are so laconic and filled at the same time that it is impossible to add anything. All that remains is to listen. The name of our concert is "La Calle 92", which means that we will meet our heroes in one of the Argentinean streets and spend one evening with them. What will they tell us? What unexpected thoughts will they say? Or maybe these heroes are you and me? Cost 250 UAH Registration by phone 0671026674 Princely 27 July 25 18.00

The poster of the event — Music concert LA CALLE 92 in Museum-photo studio "Front Bukovetskago" Odessa