The events in Odessa at 17 September 2021

MK from the pre-performed performance from Viri Ioni Papadopulu

17 September 2021, 13:00
category: seminar/training
2000 UAH
place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

ON THE BORDER: IDENTITIES - GNNR (Gender / Gender, Nature / Nature, Nationalities / Nationalities, Revolutions / Revolutions) is an intensive tridenal seminar on trivial performance. With this help, the participants have a chance to learn about the development of their specialties, expand their spiritual and physical cordons and create powerful trivial performances, as they will be presented in Greece and Ukraine. THE PROGRAM - Introduced into the theory of long duration performance. - These practices are based on the techniques of Marini Abramovich, Theodoros Terzopoulos, tantri, yoga and a special mentor's advice. - Development of powerful performances for the mentor's course and theoretical development of projects by the curators of the show. ABOUT VISTAVKA The list of participants ON THE BORDER: IDENTITIES - GNNR will be available on the 24th of the week at the Odessa Museum of the Happy Mistress (MSMO), and at the same time, the photo of the video material by artist will be presented to Greece, and will be presented on the 3rd run project space, in the very heart of Afin. The curator of the show - Anna Strulov, walnut artist and curator, and Vira Iona Papadopulu, performance artist and director, mentor of the workshop. Workshop of attributions for artists, actors, dancers, poets, musicians and all, who are references in self-knowledge through the art of trivial performance. For participation in the blame before 12:00 on the 14th, send a pdf file to revenge: a short biography, a photo or a copy on your robot (maximum 8 pages) to the address: an hour the workshop was banned from the mobile phone, alcohol and cigarettes. The whole process of recording will be made.  Participation in the workshop - 2000 UAH The maximum number of participants is 10 individuals. LONG-DURATIONAL PERFORMANCE The performance of the dressings in a moment, with the lives themselves, here and at a time. The performance is a masterpiece, time-based art. Performance is a one-hour control of the mind and body, and the balance between them. A trivial performance іnіtsіyuє learned in vzamodіya vlastnom tіlom and management of their thoughts. The practice of trivial performance is the ability to transform yourself and transform your life into a mystery. Vira Iona Papadopulu - director and performer. The practice includes interactive performances, video performances, pre-construction performances, site specific projects, artistic films, social documentary films and curatorship of displays. ABOUT MENTORK Vira graduated from the Faculty of Artistic Film Directing (VDIK, V. Menshov's main course), Master's degree in Digital Art (ASFA), the Program of New Artistic Strategy (NSPC), Architecture (ODABA), Scenography (LSA: Laboratory of Scenography Athens200) and RYTiance Spіvpratsyuvala with Marina Abramovich (GARAGE- Museum of Contemporary Art: Marina Abramovic - The Artist is Present, 2011), with Yoko Ono (MOMA and GARAGE: Yoko Ono Morning Peace, 2015) and took part in the group and solo shows. Organized by IST (Contemporary Art Institute) together with the Museum of Odesa's Fancy Art. Assistant to the project - Tetyana Margarita Xu

The poster of the event — MK from the pre-performed performance from Viri Ioni Papadopulu in The Museum of modern art