The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Life Finance Summit

18 September 2021, 12:00
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Our summit will help to get a developed individual model for motivating employees, with step-by-step instructions, service and trainings for the entire team. Satisfied staff = increased profits. Corporate programs for personnel are a common practice in the developed countries of the world. The availability of insurance coverage and a pension program, payments for which are made in addition to the standards guaranteed by the state, is an essential part of the social compensation package of the enterprise and favorably distinguishes such an employer from other competitors in the labor market. An employee who has insurance paid by the employer feels more protected, has additional motivation to work, values ​​his job and is more loyal to the employer. Corporate insurance programs will help you: - Motivate employees - Increase employee loyalty - Increase the social security of employees and their loved ones - Plan and minimize social risks associated with employee health - Retain key employees - Have an advantage in recruiting qualified personnel - Enhance the company's image Topics that we will discuss at the event: - Tax optimization - Legislative framework regarding pension and medical reforms - Voluntary health insurance for employees - Corporate life insurance - Health insurance in case of illness and accidents - Travel insurance for legal entities- Property insurance for legal entities - Cargo and transport liability insurance - Agricultural risks insurance - Insurance of specialized and railway transport - Liability insurance for legal entities - Fleet insurance - Non-state pension funds - Creation of a private pension for employees Limited number of seats (the hall is designed for only 40 seats) The event is supported by the European development program. The entrance is free. Registration is required using the link to buy tickets. Contacts for questions: 0935006757 Alexander 0938255407 Irina When: September 18, registration starts at 12.00 Where: Bunina 19 Conference hall Advanced Space, hotel "Aivazovsky"

The poster of the event — Life Finance Summit in Location