The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Salt'n'Dirt fest at Kuyalnitskiy estuary

18 September 2021, 18:00
category: festival
500 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

Salt'n'Dirt fest is a live session on the Kuyalnitskiy estuary. Greatly charming place from Odessa, because of the dazzling visits of the sun and unencumbered nature. On the stage of the fest to create magic, there will be unverified mainstream psychedelic music and general reefs. Somali Yacht Club (lviv) - Lviv psychodelik rock band. The dudes were playing their cosmic nets at the cult festivals in Ukraine and beyond. This autumn gang is playing on Desert Fest Antwerp, Up In Smoke Switzerland and going on tour to Australia with fellow Stoned Jesus. To also catch the evil of the Somalians at our Salt'n'Dirt fest at Kuyalnitsky estuary 18 Veresnya. Straytones (kyiv) Sex Blender (lviv) - Galician shamans, bright music to introduce a dance trance at the reception. An unobtrusive flow of energy extending all the way to charging the skin hearing aid and not letting it go until the very end. Two single-format albums and soundless concerts and open airs. Kraut's chanters, psychedelics and yakisny sound can feel Sex Blender at our Salt'n'Dirt fest at Kuyalnitsky estuary 18 Veresnya. Ritual Service (hell) Mist Tower (odesa) Generic Doom Band Name (middle earth) Abyss (odesa) A bar with a cold beer, that cuisine for whatever taste. Buses will be organized from the center of the city to the location of the festival and navpaki. You can also drive to your car. To pamper us with the beauty of a certain estuary - take tents and sleep with us. The action will be held on Sunday 18th Sunday.First tickets for 500 UAH can be paid to the bar More Music Club by calling from the organizers @bo_nyk @aleksandr_hodosevych @kapukaa See you on SALTNDIRT!

The poster of the event — Salt'n'Dirt fest at Kuyalnitskiy estuary in Location