The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021


18 September 2021, 21:00
category: party
place: Poncho snack art bar (st. Greek, 26/28)

On Saturday, 18th Sunday at 21:00, the show "FARBA KINGDOM" @farbakingdomusic blows from the European Europe, its music in the style of darkwave, post punk, synth wave, electronic rock. Not long ago, the first ever new album House of Liberty, which has expanded widely on independent radio stations in Europe and the United States. Argentinean music portal Delta 80 about Farba Kingdom: "The stench of cultivating experimental music, burnt in superbly tsikaviy and, for an hour, hypnotic and new electronic rock. Compositions wrap around freedom, and the melodies of ambiance." Warehouse: Daniil Farba - author of song, vocals, guitar, synthesizer, production. Liza Farba - vocals, design. You have a unique opportunity to get into a new look at creativity. Come that you are guaranteed to take away the charge of the hostile emotions. Vhіd vіlniy. Booking tables by deposit - tel. +380 (63) 613 86 85

The poster of the event — FARBA KINGDOM in Poncho snack art bar