The events in Odessa at 16 September 2021

Webinar: "Yak tsikavo write about the sessions of the Muscovites: Recommendations to the journalists"

16 September 2021, 11:00
category: online
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Yak tsikavo to write about the session of the Muscovites glad? Get back to our upcoming webinar: "How to write about a session of the masses: recommendations for journalists" Koli: 16 Heather (Thursday), ear about 11:00. ZOOM will send a message to the direct efir at the request of the restoration: The fate of the webinar is bezkoshtovna. Expert webinar: Valeriy Bolgan (, editor-in-chief of IzbirKom, coordinator of the Center for Public Relations, weekdays to the Faculty of Journalism of NU "Odessa Legal Academy", mediatreacher. Evgeniya Genova (, intercessor of the editor-in-chief of IzbirKom, an expert on nutrition of the commune and reception of the community. In the spheres of interest there is a strengthening of the role of the self-assembly, the growth of the vision and the efficiency of the OMC, the development of the community before taking the decisions in the sphere of management of the communities. Vidannya IzbirCom announced we are shortening the regional vidannya of 2021 for the data of the NSJU. On the webinars, advances are made by those: - What is the stock of the robot organs of the miniature self-assembly; - Post-conference and plenary sessions; - Etapi of preparation of projects; - Analysis of robotics for the sake of; - Yak and for whom it is possible to rob the texts of translations of the sessions; - For what robiti of texts online. Yak tse zrobiti tsikavo; The moderator of the webinar is Meri Natsvaladze, coordinator of the ІПІ project. Organizer - Institute of Political Information - ІПІ. ( the announcements and learn about the possibilities \ navchannya \ experience \ contests \ conferences for magazines, representatives of the media and all the information from Telegram -

The poster of the event — Webinar: "Yak tsikavo write about the sessions of the Muscovites: Recommendations to the journalists" in Location