The events in Odessa at 15 September 2021

Court for Cut and Residential Development of the Coast in the beach area on B. Fontana (RC La Mer)

15 September 2021, 11:00
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Attempts to build up a beach area in Odessa continue in court: Come on 8.9.2021 at 12:00 to the building of the Pivdenno-Zagidny Court of Appeal, there will be a decisive meeting on the illegal development of the coast! (Shevchenko Avenue, 29) Judges: Golovey V.M. , Sokolov S.I. Razyuk G.P. Court session on the claim of the prosecutor's office for the return of the land plot of the developer "Intergal-Bud" (beach area at 13 st. B. Fontana) to state ownership Court session in case No. 916/3064/20 The Odessa Regional Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against the Odessa City Council, DP Integral-Bud, LLC Firm Integral, in which it asks to declare illegal the contract of sale and purchase of a land plot and return a land plot worth more than UAH 160,000,000 to state ownership, which belongs to "Integral-Bud" and which is located at the 13th station of B. Fontana. We remind you that now the Developer, in violation of the intended purpose and on the basis of fictitious urban planning conditions and restrictions, is trying to build a 9-storey residential complex "La-Mer" on the territory of the specified land plot. Judge Yu.A. Sharotovim the application of the prosecutor's office to secure the claim has already been satisfied and it is forbidden to alienate the said land plot and carry out any construction work on the latter. Now Intergal-Bud is trying to challenge the security in the appellate instance.Local residents of the 13th Art. B. Fontana hopes that the prosecutor's office will be able to return such a valuable plot to state ownership and the Odessa City Council will finally fulfill its promise to create the Yubileiny Park. @ State Court of Odessa Region, Shevchenko Avenue, 29

The poster of the event — Court for Cut and Residential Development of the Coast in the beach area on B. Fontana (RC La Mer) in Location