The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021


18 September 2021, 22:00
category: party
place: Bar-coffee shop "The Roastery" (Arcadia Avenue, 1)

The summer season was so loud and fiery that we cannot but put an end to and celebrate this evening especially. Odessa, meet Kinree! He is a resident of the capital's Heaven club, a productive Ukrainian producer, a talented music maker and a bright performer. Its territory is techno, house, indie dance, nu disco music. His style is to be unpredictable and therefore desirable among the public, because he knows how to bring the temperature on the dance floor to a boil in a few tunes. And if I'm ready to challenge myself for the sake of pleasure, we are waiting for you. Go! LINE UP: STEFAN CAELO / KINREE / HERZ & NIM DRESS CODE FACE CONTROL Enter Free Reserve & More: +380 (93) 787 87 85

The poster of the event — SEASON CLOSING WITH KINREE in Bar-coffee shop "The Roastery"