The events in Odessa at 18 September 2021

Merry goats and sailors with wine

18 September 2021, 06:15
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Lito ended, ale mi do not put a cross on tsikavih highways. Let’s be brutally qiu osen yaskravoyu 朗. Guide at the gastro-weekend for Odeshchinoyu pivden. 2 days of non-self-serving gastrointestinal visits from the company of 12 non-sitting ones. Koli? Wednesday 18-19 Sunday. Yes? Start / finish Odessa-mother. You just know ... Early on I came to Odessa with a sip. Pligaєmo on the bus and їdemo for the show we will use that snidanka. Pidkrіpivshis, mandrumo doslіdzhuvati Bіlgorod-Dnistrovska fortress. Vaughn is just gorgeous. And see yak there! And pictures of legends and tsikavinok! Do not climb, do not wonder. Well, let's go to the old French marquis de Lacarin in the old-fashioned garden of the Swiss winners. Bili tablecloths, champagne according to French technologies, delicious food from local products. Actually, not in pivdni, but in Provence. Mmmmmm… .And we will drive through the vineyard. Why ?? Come on for a surprise. We will not be too busy, because we have a check in the Chorne Sea. Straight to the beautiful birch trees, kudi sprinkle dolphins, in the village of Mikolaivka there is a duuuuzh atmospheric restaurant "Chornomorka". It’s the very thing to catch all your riba in the middle of the stink. So it is possible for half-suvati to be simply the best gifts of the sea 寧  呂. And gave us a warm spring evening. We will catch the Black Sea breeze. At the same time, we will wrap ourselves in blankets and we will taste delicious divacuvates and taste them behind the sky and hear the sound of the sea.The coming day is not less ts_kavii. Krim of the sea, we are chekatime maister-class for preparing a stingray-stingray. It’s just like that, and it’s just like that, you see, it’s very smart. In a literal sense. At all, our gastronomic suitability has been extended to the farm-restaurant-greenhouse "Kozy and Sailors". You will be in the grip of goat therapy. Power up. I would like to see the little ones, it’s important to see them, but the road is far away from us, to…. vineyard. And not just wine. And the vineyard of table varieties. Living room khazyayka not be out of the question about your guesses, and all the more will show and visit non-prized collection varieties of grapes. And in the middle of the skin you can see yourself as a good pick of grapes and the head of the eye to grow in love with the grapevine. Forgiven forgiveness with Budatsky estuary and turn to Odessa. The first trip ended with a light touch of magic. On the other side of us, the evening theatricalized was an excursion from the enchanter Farolelo. Odesa is imported with new evening farbs. Ale shhhh, let's not open all the pictures. Povnі emotsіy and vrazhen sіdaєmo to pull up to Kiev Guest of the gastronomic tour - 4850 UAH per individual. Before partostі enter:  accommodation in double rooms at bases for 1 night + sleep for another day,  transportation by minibus for 2 days along the route,  Incoming tickets and excursions on the Akkerman Fortress,  visit with tasting and obid at Chateau Lacarin,  meister-class with offense for preparing stingray-stingray,  visits the vineyard of table varieties with tasting and piknik, Evening excursion in Odessa from the charmer Farolelo,  supervid tour of the leader і kupa tsіkavinok and smakolikіv (nareshty sprobuєmo bekmes (boiled boiled s kavuna), boiled with pepper і shche kupu vsoogo).  well і according to tradition іgrist 壟, And more surprises and beautiful locations. Okremo rally:  tickets to / from Odessa,  harchuvannya pose by the program, Osobistі vitrati, The plans of maє viyti duzhe sita і delicious trip Do you want to join us? Write in private

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