The events in Odessa at 19 September 2021

Imprints of parental love

19 September 2021, 15:00
category: master class
from 500 to 600 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

It is no secret that human ways of contacting oneself, others and the world are not a given; they are an educational process that accompanies growing up. The conditions in which this training takes place are unique. These conditions (genus experience, culture, circumstances) have created features that, like imprints (neuro-motor connections), remain with us for many years. These prints are called character, which helps and hinders our happiness and fulfillment at the same time. In the master class, you will understand these obstacles and learn how they appear. During the lecture part and in the exercises, you will try to learn from your experience how your character is embodied in the body and learn to notice its features. These observations will help you to facilitate contact with yourself and loved ones. You will learn how to support and meet children and adults with their own specialties. Everyone who is interested in a body-oriented approach, the practice of mental and body awareness, who is interested in getting in touch with new knowledge about themselves - we invite you to the seminar "Imprints of parental love". Moderator - Vadim Gavrilenko - certified body-oriented psychotherapist (Bodynamic analysis) and art therapist. Lecturer at the International Institute of Bodynamics, specialization in the field of work with psychological trauma. Physical rehabilitation specialist, aqua yoga therapist, author of the method of psychosomatic self-regulation "Aqua integration". The cost of the seminar is 500 UAH (on the day of the event 600 UAH) Time - September 19, 15.00-18.00Where? Touch, st. Ekaterininskaya, 27. Tel. 095 944 4954

The poster of the event — Imprints of parental love in Location