The events in Odessa at 15 October 2021

Birthday Boy's Punk Party

15 October 2021, 19:00
category: concert
free donation
place: Art-cafe "More Music Club" (Pushkinskaya str., 75)

McDonald's was, parties were at home, in a cafe too. So so so ... this time you need something special for a person, special for us. On October 15th, come to the MMK, we will celebrate together. S O F A '- a group about friendship and such everyday situations in life that it is difficult to define the genre. They play a noisy indie calm emo. Janpalach - (emocrust, screamo) legendary band that needs no introduction. Floodlight - (post hc) Odessa trio, whose music speaks for itself. Superflat - noise-punk, alternative, dudes who have fun. Juntama - (emo) debut performance of the solo project of Superflat member and SOF A '. Come with us to celebrate Fedya's birthday! October 15, More Music Club Entrance - free donation.

The poster of the event — Birthday Boy's Punk Party in Art-cafe "More Music Club"