The events in Odessa at 17 October 2021

Roy. To the sixty-tenths of Oleksandr Roytburd

17 October 2021, 11:00
category: exhibition
from 50 to 100 UAH
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

On 16 January at 15:00, the display of the show “Roy. Until the sixty-tenths of Oleksandr Roytburd. " The whole project is a unique "teaser" to the great personal retrospective show by Roytburd, which will be shown to the offensive fate at the chotir towns of the land: Odessa, Kiev, Lvov and Dnipri. Before the hour of seeing, you will see the friends and relatives of Roytburd, as they will share with the friends who will tell you about the artist. On the day of entry into the show, it is valid, nadal - 100/50 UAH. I ask you to brutalize me: the wistavka is assigned to people older than 16 years. The exhibition presents 28 picturesque Roytburd robots, videoart, іnstalyatsії and close to 70 archival photographs from the homeland and private collections. The show is to loosen the emphasis on the early period of creativity, 1980-1990s, since Oleksandr has not only tried his hand at the young straits of the art, but he is busy with the active formulation of the old Ukrainian artistic spirit. “We are not just talking about Roitburd the artist, the curator and the actor - we are talking about a new yak about a man who has been making a lot of trouble, abi in Ukraine there were new artistic practices. Winning all his life, assigning a description of the artistic spirit, and the museum became the last point on the whole road. We got magalized to death with a wistavku ironic - including, according to the date, up to Roytburd himself. I didn’t even want to work on the memorial show in the show “Great artist, great director”, ”- Kiril Lipatov, curator of the show, is the head of the scientific show of Odessa artist.The project is welcome for the pictures of the Marazli Club, the Odessa Museum of Fancy Art, the Riv'ura Development group of companies, the Dymchuk Gallery and the NT-Art gallery. Media-partner - online video about Your Art.  De: Odessa Art Museum, Sofiyivska, 5a  If: 16 October - 31 breast, display 16 January about 15:00  Partist: on the day of opening the entrance is valid, nadal - 100/50 UAH Vіkovі obmezhennya: 16+ Until the show at the Museum ❤️

The poster of the event — Roy. To the sixty-tenths of Oleksandr Roytburd in Art Museum