The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021


16 October 2021, 21:00
category: party
place: Poncho snack art bar (st. Greek, 26/28)

Vrivaєmosya at vikhidni together with the herd of "The FELMS" ⚡️ (inst: @the_felms) We know that we were summing up for the band. Smell you are ready for the 16th of July about 21:00 to charge you with energy. Young talented musicians play their own songs and songs in the style of blues-rock. You can't overwhelm anybody with baiduzhimi, if you feel that whistup you just want to go to the band. Vhіd vіlniy. Reservation of tables by deposit - tel. +380 (63) 613 86 85

The poster of the event — The FELMS in Poncho snack art bar