The events in Odessa at 16 October 2021

Module 2: MAC in psychotherapy and coaching

16 October 2021, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: The Association is also "Psyche" a psychological Studio (Armeyskaya str, 23)

We invite you to take part in the educational and therapeutic program "The Integrative Method of Using Metaphorical Associative Cards in Psychological Practice and Coaching" The course program is divided into 9 months and will be held in the format of 7 modules. The program is structured in such a way that theory and practice are combined in every exercise and technique. In training there is an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide variety of projective maps (the German Institute "ON", the Israeli Institute "The World of Itsik Maps", the Ukrainian "Institute of Projective Maps", etc.). More than 150 decks in total. Module 1: Introduction to the Method (2 days). The basics of using metaphorical associative cards in helping activities. - the history of the emergence of projective maps - what are the cards (universal, resource, specialized, portrait, coaching, narrative, etc.) - basic rules for working with projective maps; - how to apply MAC in individual counseling; - how to get answers to your questions using the MAC; - the main advantages of projective maps as a tool for the practical work of a psychologist; You will master the skills of using MAC in the practical part (selection of techniques and exercises): - get acquainted with the decks and study the areas of their application; - get the skill to form a request in working with the MAC; - learn to ask questions at every stage of the consultation with the MAC. *** Module 2: Metaphorical cards in working with parent-child relationships (2 days) In this module, you will learn:- tasks and functions of parents; - styles and models of upbringing within the family; - the theory of subpersonalities and roles in parent-child relationships; - the main requests on this topic in consulting; - how to work with the MAC with a genogram; - how to make a family constellation using MAC; - how to study the nature of the relationship between children and parents; - what decks are effectively used when inquiring on the topic of parent-child relations; You will learn to: - explore scenarios, anti-scenarios; - to identify children's attitudes (those that promote development and those that block it); - discover the basic concepts of the parental family and correct them; - explore the actual roles of yourself, your parents and your loved ones; - master the technique "My inner team". As a result, after completing the module, you will be able to put into practice effective techniques, knowledge and exercises that help to see, understand, understand the usual patterns of behavior for clients in relation to themselves and children, and find those ways that serve more balanced, harmonious communication. between parents and children. That, of course, will immediately affect the level of trust and the degree of openness, sincerity in the relationship between "fathers and children." *** Module 3: Family therapy with projective cards (2 days) In this module you will learn: - the motives for the creation and functions of the family; - the structural components of the family; - family rules and traditions; The knowledge gained will allow you to practically:- to explore the nature of relations between partners, relatives, friends, relatives (type, form, motives, interests, needs, opportunities); - discover the main roles that are involved in the family system; - identify family stories and legends; - to identify the resource of the family; - to determine the main reasons for misunderstanding, stereotyped behavior, etc. - anything that interferes with the effective interaction of the parties. - master the techniques of identifying the causes of the main conflicts; - work with conflicts based on the rejection of the partner's values; - find ways to correct the broken communication in the family with the help of the MAC. This will help you organize your knowledge of the family system, its normal functioning, and successful communication between family members. *** 4 module: MAC in psychotherapy of crises and trauma (2 days) This module will help you learn: - the main reasons, stages, nature of the course and manifestation of stress, distress, crisis situations, trauma; - the concept of symptom, somatization and psychosomatics; - the main characteristics of emotional intelligence; As a result, you will master: - Techniques for working with IAC with difficult situations, losses, grief and PTSD; - methods of detection and principles of working with a symptom; - exercises with fears and phobias; - MAC and exercises for emotional intelligence (work with feelings of guilt, shame, anger, etc.). - techniques for detecting resources using MAC; - learn to create pivot points.Thanks to the knowledge gained, you will be able to diagnose the current state of the client and successfully accompany him on the path of finding resources, meanings, interests and everything that will give vitality, fill and direct him to overcome. *** Module 5: Application of MAC in coaching (2 days) You will learn: - what is coaching; - its tasks and functions; - the concept of dreams, dreams, goals, tasks; - differences between coaching and psychotherapy; In the practical part of the module, you will master: - techniques for determining the leading human values, long-term planning and global life programs; - exercises to diagnose limiting beliefs on the way to the goal and how to correct them; - ways of self-realization, setting life goals, planning time, determining simple ways to achieve the desired results; - methods of searching and choosing the right solution; - technique "Conversation of subpersonalities". As a result of the module, each of those present will be able to help the client formulate a goal, identify obstacles on the way to achieving it, find resources and favorable factors for its implementation. *** 6 module: "Women and men theme" (2 days) As you study, you will learn to: - explore the features of female / male thinking, female / male states, behavior, lifestyle and ways of interacting with the outside world; - to determine the main female / male roles, positions, identities (mother-girl-woman, boy-boy-man), which are used by the client most often;- to diagnose the psychological components of femininity / masculinity; - to explore the themes "Women of the Clan" (great-grandmothers-grandmothers-mothers-daughters) / "Men of the Clan" (great-grandfather-grandfathers-fathers-sons). The knowledge and skills that are obtained and mastered in this module will enrich the knowledge of both the consultants themselves in the topic of femininity / muscularity and gender characteristics of men and women, and will help clients to understand the peculiarities of their behavior, way of thinking, and peculiarities of functioning. That will have a beneficial effect and will affect the current situation of communication with loved ones, the peculiarities of doing business, business, and possibly the search for new ways of behavior and communication. *** 7. Certification. Supervision. Hourly Certified Project Project leader: Ulyanova Tatiana - PhD, psychologist, family counselor, psychotherapist in the method of Positive psychotherapy. Specialist in dealing with conflicts, member of the USP, head of the Institute of Metaphorical Psychotechnics of the Psyche Association. Specialist in the use of MAC in individual and group psychotherapy, psychological training. The program is designed for 24 hours of each module. The approximate schedule of the day of the lesson: 10.00-11.30 break 11.45-13.15 Lunch 13.15-14.15 14.15-15.45 break 16.00-18.00 Registration and detailed information on the number: (063) 677 3686

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