The events in Odessa at 14 October 2021

Primorsky Boulevard + Londonskaya Hotel

14 October 2021, 11:00
category: tour
from 200 to 300 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Friends! We invite you to take a walk along our legendary Primorsky Boulevard! You've all visited it a hundred times! But do you know everything about him ?! On our walk: ⚜ You will find out what happened before Primorsky Boulevard and how it appeared! ⚜ Stories of the appearance and transformation of some houses on the boulevard! ⚜ Everyone who has lived and ever visited these houses! ⚜ Lots of vintage photos! ⚜ Interesting events of the past! ⚜ And as a bonus, we will plunge into the atmosphere of the oldest operating hotel in Odessa and literally go to the rooms. Of course, we will not visit all of them, but believe me, we will see and learn ALL the most interesting things in London!  October 14 thursday at 11:00! ☝ Meeting: Primorsky Boulevard, 1 (the first house from the Vorontsov Palace)  Cost: 300 UAH. - adult, 200 UAH - pupils. ⏰ Duration: 1.5 hours on the street + 1.5 hours excursion at the Londonskaya Hotel.  Inquiries and Mandatory registration by phone +38 096 142 13 79 (Viber, Direct, Telegram, WhatsApp). It only seems to you that you know Odessa! 

The poster of the event — Primorsky Boulevard + Londonskaya Hotel in Location