The events in Odessa at 14 October 2021

Therapeutic group "About relationships"

14 October 2021, 18:30
category: seminar/training
place: Odessa GestaltHUB (Kanatnaya str., 11)

ODESSA offline! And again we are glad to invite you to our therapeutic group "About Relationships", which has been running for the fourth year already. Here we actually have a therapeutic kitchen with with all kinds of ingredients for the preparation of unique dishes for all sorts of relationships. After all, there are as many options for happiness as there are people. Because this is YOUR life! Live it as you want!) And we will support you on this difficult path We will work with you to explore which "seasonings" will make your life more fulfilling. Our group is small. In it, the processes occur much faster and deeper, and our sense of humor works like anesthesia, so shame is lived more easily than usual. With us it is possible to touch very complex topics and experiences and you will definitely not be left alone here. leading: Sergey Semenenko - psychologist, certified gestalt therapist, supervisor (3rd degree), specialization: “Working with bodily phenomena and symptoms in the Gestalt approach”, “Family therapy. An integrative gestalt approach ”. Elena Grazhdan - psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist, supervisor, specializations: "Leading groups", "Family psychotherapy" Leading author's courses and training programs 1-2 levels "Gestalt approach". Questions can be asked in a personal message, or by phone (vibeber) - 067 579 96 08 Sergey, 067-724-93-98 Elena And yes, the clock goes to the record book for those who need it))

The poster of the event — Therapeutic group "About relationships" in Odessa GestaltHUB