The events in Odessa at 02 November 2021

"Take care". Painting of Svitlani Krizhevskoy

02 November 2021, 15:00
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov (Polish str., 19)

Vistavka painting of Svitlani Krizhevskoy "Bereg" 02.11.2021 - 21.11.2021 We were spared life on the birch trees of the sea. Kozhen from us, melodiously, amazed at the blue sea, far away, see a tremulous call to go there, beyond the obriy, to the distant shores ... Ale, all the life is running along the stormy valleys of the valley, why aren’t we pragmatic to the quiet, know shores? Take care of our childishness and youth - quiet coves and rosters of beaches, skeli of turtles and birch pisces ... Garní kamenchiki those turtles? Yak, did they take them from the red clay, the soft and hot from the sun, and the woods from the board? And hto miluvavsya uzberezhzhym z chovna, boats or yachts? Tse unforgettable vidchuttya! Whoever has not been enchanted by the beauty of the coast of Odeshchina ... The sea, the number of estuaries, Dnister - all our water wealth, as it is, like the coastline. I am amazed at the sum and so on of the ground, with the trees and the booths, bringing the people of the sea with a lot of natural manifestations and the small state-of-the-art dyyalnosti people. Yak to be forgotten were grabbed by those beaches. Yak mіlіyut і, literally in our eyes, we see estuaries and rivers ... What will be on the shores of our dynasty in 10, 20, 50 years?Svitlana Kryzhevska from the first days of his perebuvannya in Odessa died in the odesa of Uzbek. Won’t be remembered for hours, if the trees are young - in a direct sense of the word. If they grabbed the health over the road, they were planted with trees. If virosla won and became an artist, then I felt the beauty and uniqueness of the coast of Odeshchina on the canvases. І prodovzhu ce robiti і dosі. At the show presented the creation of the early hours - from 1967 p. and until seogodnі, on what the main heroes є Coast - sea, limansky, river bank. It’s not only physical, geographic phenomenon, as I will add my own maloviness. Tse philosophical concept. The shore yak is a symbol of human life, rooting, home, right point, with what kind of virus at the mandri in order to know the new shore. Show off the beauty and uniqueness of the Uzbek Odeshchina, mystine, I will ask us for a sacred rise in memory, in the best help about light, azure waters, sun, carelessness. Ale the water is not going to be fed - what are the shores that have been taken care of? At the very name of the list, a sub-reading is laid down - the call "BE CAREFUL!" Take care of your native land, whether you take care of it - even a skin coast, I look for a point of reference or a point of significance.Kryzhevska Svitlana Grigorivna is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, an author of picturesque and graphic works of art, a participant of regional, all-Ukrainian and international art exhibitions. Graduated from the Odessa Art School IM. M.B. Grekova and Kiev Art Institute (Nini - National Academy of Creative Art and Architecture). Vikladachka painting that little girl at the Pivdennoukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky. Create mystics at the museums, galleries and private collections in Ukraine and beyond the cordon. Svitlana Kryzhevska є a voluptuous mandate and a prelude to the cultural and natural decline of Ukraine. The subject of interest as an artist is the folk architecture and the traditional bewilderment of the young women of Ukraine, as well as the natural and cultural landscapes, which require protection and conservation. Live and pratsyu in Odessa.

The poster of the event — "Take care". Painting of Svitlani Krizhevskoy in The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov