The events in Odessa at 26 November 2021

VADIM LANDA. Evening of lyrical and humorous author's song

26 November 2021, 19:00
category: recital
100 UAH
place: The world club of inhabitants of Odessa (Marazlievskaya str., 7)

On November 26, 19:00, a creative meeting “VADIM LANDA. Evening of lyrical and humorous author's song " Vadim Landa is a doctor, bard, writer, Laureate, and for the last ten years - a member of the jury of numerous festivals of author's songs and a host of creative workshops. Released two copyright CDs. Vadim's stories were published in periodicals. He writes not only songs, but also prose: three books of his short stories have already been published ... “With all the diversity and flavor of Odessa authors, Vadim Landa and his songs stand in a very special place. This place is not a pedestal (the author, of course, deserves it, but his character will not allow him to stay there longer than a moment - only for a bow). This place is all of Odessa, at any time of the year and in a very different mood. Vadim has been working as a doctor all his life. Sometimes it seems that he worked for him even before he was born, since he is the third generation of the Land medical dynasty and he had nowhere to go from the profession. But the gift of music and poetry (which in the alloy gives the song) also fell on him, and not only Asclepius kissed the crown of his head, but also one of the muses - yes, that very Achinea, which he took into his arms and so carries ... A joke, of course. Vadik jokes as he breathes. It seems that not only his voice and look are ironic, but also herself, excuse the expression, the aura grins and winks.From his songs, there is a feeling of a Cheshire Cat smile - the main and most persistent aftertaste. It is all the more surprising that the gift turned out to be so wide that it produces both the subtlest, gentle and bitter lyrics, and funny sketches of Odessa life. Many of his phrases have become memes of my personal life and household use. Well, that's how they stick tightly. Vadim does not get tired of listening, no matter how much he sings, although sometimes you have to persuade him to sing. And now - his records on the Web are unfairly few: he does not care at all about perpetuation and other promotion (and it's a pity!), So little can be found in the nooks of the world wide web. I understand that in the announcement it is not accepted and even indecent to write not about the author's undoubted talents, supported by songs here, but about personal relationships. But I'll write. Several dozen (crazy!) Years have passed since the young Vadim Ilyich, having studied in the medina, returned to Odessa, to his parent's nest, drew himself up in the Odessa club and sang his songs, which I immediately diagnosed with acute Rosenbaum ... Vadik was not offended. Petersburg cultured leaven became related with Odessa yeast and raised this steep batch high. And then there were other songs, and even more others, and some of them were breathtaking and did not get tired of listening to them, I wanted to repeat more and more.There are songs that I demand every time I meet. And all these years, from that acquaintance, Vadik was a loyal and reliable friend, a personal doctor. And why was it, if everything remains the same? .. ”Irina Morozovskaya, psychologist, psychotherapist, participant of the largest games in sports brain-ring and“ What? Where? When?". Charitable contribution - UAH 100. Guests of the evening must have a "green" COVID certificate or negative PCR test, valid for 72 hours, and an individual protective mask. The event is carried out in compliance with all epidemiological standards.

The poster of the event — VADIM LANDA. Evening of lyrical and humorous author's song in The world club of inhabitants of Odessa