The events in Odessa at 27 November 2021

Drive 5km of Odesa Runday! Free 5km

27 November 2021, 09:00
category: sport
place: Central Park of culture and leisure. Shevchenko (The Monument To T. G. Shevchenko)

* English Below * Runday is the centrality of boguns and volunteers from one mission: take 1 million people who regularly run or walk 5 kilometers. Odessa Runday - we have traveled 5 km along the best safe and ecologic big locations in Odessa. The process of organizing big friends, getting to know the fellow athletes, getting to the big spirits, learning about finding big friends, come in, know the trending club in your area and have a fun hour with your friends. When a lot of people are not with an obsessive mind, there is no need to continue to value volunteer help: sign up for an hour, scan participants, distribute tokens, take photographs and do a warm-up / hitch, but Runday is a social project for a volunteer event! (more about volunteering: Likewise, watch out for the zranu mi Zbiraєmosya on the first lavtsi on the head alley from the monument to im. Shevchenko Know, robimo group workout that bizimo 5 km! An hour of skin finisher fiksuєmo and vikladaєmo on In addition, we are pragmatic to fix our emotions, and even more so, if the participants know themselves on their own, friends and know ... Mi bigaєmo for any kind of weather minds! Our friends didn’t see it, they couldn’t stand it ... It's easy to get back to it: - register without koshtovat on (enough 1 time for all the fun, navigate on the other locations) - do not care about the weather, the mood for the day is not enough for viku or sports form ...- reach the zboru point in an hour (location on Google maps Rozklad call: 8: 30- zbir (Zbiramosya on the first lavtsi on the head alley from the monument to im. Shevchenko) 8:45 - warm-up 9:00 - start of the game 9:45 am - hitch Come, ask your friends and relatives. For newbies - restratsіya at Obov'yazkovo ☝️ To participate in the game, take with you a QR code. Zrobimo Odessa healthy at once !!! A new description of the call, a map and contact information is available here: Runday runners Facebook group Runday volunteers Facebook group ----------------------- [EN] Run with us every Saturday! Free timed running events, every week in Odessa. Runday is a national community of runners and volunteers with a single mission: to have 1 million people regularly running or walking 5km. How to Participate: Register at http: Print and save your unique QR code Join any of our events and run It's that simple! Races start: 8:30 - meet 8:45 - warm up 9:00 - start 9:45 - warm down Full details, a course map and contact info is available here: If you would like to help Runday as a volunteer, please add your details here:

The poster of the event — Drive 5km of Odesa Runday! Free 5km in Central Park of culture and leisure. Shevchenko