The events in Odessa at 28 November 2021

Celebrating Walrus Day

28 November 2021, 11:00
category: extreme
place: Location (look in the description)

The whole world is a theater, and this Sunday at 11:00 on Lanzheron near two balls. We will be actors in it at the festival named after our namesake - the walrus. At the holiday, Neptune will solemnly award certificates of protection to new participants in winter swims. For everyone who wants to take part in the costume performance, to facilitate the choice of costume, I would like to remind the actors. Neptune, Healer, Mermaids, Devils, Astrologer, Star, Medusa Garganer, Tolmach, Rooster, Bearer, Treasurer Capelin Fishman, Bradobrei no you can take the initiative !!! Collection at 11:00, Lanzheron beach, near two balls, landmark club flag place on the map: Event plan  1) Gathering‍‍‍11: 00 2) Warm-up 11:15 3) Swimming at 11:25 am. 4) Communication, photography, fun. We have recommendations on tempering, and hot tea, ☕ Do not forget the swimsuit and fighting spirit! We promise a pleasant and unforgettable conversation over a cup of tea. Do not forget a towel and sweets for tea ☺️ !!! ‍‍‍ And remember, we will be bored without you) For questions ☎️097 313 23 32 ❄️ For the media 093 313 23 32

The poster of the event — Celebrating Walrus Day in Location