The events in Odessa at 27 November 2021

Play-warning "Scars"

27 November 2021, 19:30
category: play
150 UAH
place: Theatre Perucho (Kanatnaya str., 71)

The play "Scars" based on the play "I am a creature" by the modern Ukrainian playwright Viktor Ponizov, is involved in magic. These are reflections on our sins ... The action takes place in purgatory. A person must repent there. But the point is not to find the biggest sin, but to find the source of your sins. The very first, the one that serves as an impetus for the next, the most difficult. There are 3 characters in total. Conditionally Good, conditionally Bad and U.O.V.V.G. - Conditionally Generalized Embodiment of Your Sins. Simply put, the victim. Visual material. The meaning of being in purgatory is sincere repentance. Indeed, in this world we do not think for a second about how we live, what we create, we believe that we can get away with it THERE. Ticket price - 150 UAH.

The poster of the event — Play-warning "Scars" in Theatre Perucho