The events in Odessa at 21 January 2022

PREMIER I. Kalman Maritsa

21 January 2022, 18:30
category: play
from 50 to 300 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

Operet on 2 days P'єsa - Y. Dimitrin The fiery operetta by Іmre Kalman "Maritsa" is impressed by the author's "Ugorsk" work. Vona is composed of national dances, melodies, characteristic types. The Bula was first staged in 1924 on the stage of the Theater An der Wien and a little majestic success. Циї Tsigansko-Ugorsk romanticism and lasciviousness did not overwhelm anyone with baiduzhim. On the stage of our theater "Maritsa" was staged in 1949, 1976 and 1994 rock. In the development of rock in the whole production there are some nice artists: арти. Dembska, O. Glovatska, M. Dyomina, І. Ivanova, V. Frolova, N. Zavgorodnya, M. Vodyanoy, Yu. Dinov, M. Udod, V. Frolov, M. Zavgorodniy. "Maritsa" is a whole chain of love stories with intrigues, unseen connections, subtle humor. It is possible to adapt oneself in a contented way of supporting the plot twists and turns, enjoying the wonderful music I. Kalman and the wonderful voices of young talented artists. Stage Director Volodymyr Podgorodinsky head director, deserving of the artist of Russia Stage Director Vadim Perevoznikov chief conductor, deserving of the arts of Ukraine Production DesignerStanislav Zaitsev head artist, honored artist of Ukraine Ballet-master-director Vitaliy Kuznetsov head choreographer, laureate of the International Competition of Opera Artists Choirmaster-director Sergiy Savenko Costume designer Olena Lesnikova Illumination artist Olena Korolova Sound engineer Boris Braga Mikita Komarnitskiy Assistant director Irina Vizirenkolaureate of international vocal competitions Choreographer's assistants Oksana Manzoruko Katerina Smolska Concertmasters Iryna Bogai Olena Vasilkova Natalia Dontsova Evgen Kosovskiy Director's associates Vadim Gogolin Maxim Kosenko Lyudmila Pelenis

The poster of the event — PREMIER I. Kalman Maritsa in Comedy