The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022

EASE Road Show

15 January 2022, 10:00
category: the conference
place: Hotel "Gagarinn" (Gagarin plateau, 5B)

The 30th EASE Association held an IT conference and job fairs in Odessa. We are selling cool fanciers and those willing to enter IT with the top companies in Ukraine and the world. Potential candidates and guests can visit: ✅ take a test sp_vbesid; ✅ get to know the culture of robots in IT companies; ✅ get involved in networking; ✅ listen to cool speakers, such as top managers and HR directors of companies; ✅ Please correct the information about the law.  VHID FOR GUESTS PODIS VILNY. Follow the latest news, don't miss the new information about the event! FOR IT COMPANIES: You can declare about yourself, upgrade your HR-brand and know the necessary guidelines: ✅ Vlasny stand of the company, if you can clarify information about vacancies, as well as revise your knowledge of specific specialties from HR-fakhivtsiv. ✅ PR-company of participants (clues in ЗМІ, distribution of information about the company on the way). ✅ Vistup top managers of your company at the entrance. Location: Gagarinn Hotel (m.Odesa, st.Gagarinske plateau, 5B) I will ask the IT company to take part in the EASE Road Show - re-creation: or under the number: +380 67 361 19 24

The poster of the event — EASE Road Show in Hotel "Gagarinn"