The events in Odessa at 15 January 2022

Nike yoga

15 January 2022, 18:00
category: group training
place: Location (look in the description)

Everyone is welcome! We are steadily pragmatic in greatness in any form. Yoga is the power of throwing a wiklik, viprobuvati that to comprehend for yourself. Mi radі povіdomiti, scho dovgoochіkuvana Nike Yoga is now in Odessa! The first time to train will be in the same Saturday, 15.01.2022, about 18:00 at the yoga studio "Namaste" (st. Rishel'evska, 26) In order to register for a trenuvannya, go to that and memorize the Google-form for your request: An ear of trenuvannya about 18:00, too, please do not get lost, and come and go early. For mobility, take a kilimok for yoga with you. When the cob is trenuvannya access will be enclosed. It is allowed to come in and know it at the priesthood in the zakisniy mastsi. ⛔️ Nagaduєmo, in order to spend on offline training, you need a mother with one of the documents: “green” or “zhovty” COVID-certificate, negative PLR ​​test for COVID-19 or an express test for antigen detection in a line of 72 years before trenuvannya, or a document about trenuvannya. If you have registered, if you have changed your plans, and you cannot come to the trainings, say your restoration, leaving out a comment from the published publication. If you didn’t rise up to register - follow the comments before the publication, that is, wait to write, if you come to replace the participant, who will see your restoration. For the sake of writing, at the commentary, please add your name, alias and e-mail address, which you will order when re-staging on the train. #NikeTraining #NikeYoga

The poster of the event — Nike yoga in Location