The events in Odessa at 16 May 2020

Instinct Eco Conference

16 May 2020, 10:00
category: the conference
place: Art & Meditation "Shantambala" (S. Nova dofinivka, Vostochnaya str., 3)

Instinct Eco Festival Conference may 16, 2020 will be held in the retreat center Shantambala the event of Eco culture for the transformation and awareness of a personal destiny. The mission of the conference: get on a big campaign to clean parks of the Kinburn spit, from plastic and polyethylene in order to save our animal friends that are in the red book at the stage of extinction: Dolphins, Falcons, Eagles, Pelicans, Storks, Horses, Wolves, Squirrels, Turtles and so on... Our goal: to Elevate beaches and the area from Plastic, Polyethylene, Iron, Rubber, Trash and Waste which throws of the sea and the savages-tourists. Objective: to Gather and collect the maximum number of like-minded people! All together to make the eco village and the world cleaner - not only inside but also outside. Add friends in (c) at the end of the promotion to celebrate this spiritual music festival and showcase what can be alternative eco-civilization.

The poster of the event — Instinct Eco Conference in Art & Meditation "Shantambala"