The events in Odessa at 02 July 2020

Super memory for teens on summer vacation

02 July 2020, 17:15
category: the courses
place: Center of intellectual development "Orpheus" (lane Rope, 6)

Summer is a great time to get effective tools for successful studies! HOW TO EFFECTIVELY LEARN AND PREPARE FOR UPO AND DPA SENIOR? To easily and quickly cope with huge volumes of information that you need to learn and know, you need to have effective tools. Good memory and the ability to process information is an alternative to tedious cramming and an excellent tool for successful study! Developing the Super Memory for Teens course, we focused on achieving the goal of preparing students for successful exams / tests and effective learning in general. After all, it is in high schools and universities that the volume of information studied increases by 3-5 times. And it is important to have effective tools that will help to quickly and efficiently deal with it, which means to increase academic performance in all subjects. WHO NEEDS COURSE SUPERMEMORY: o All students who need to learn and memorize a lot. o High school students who are preparing for the DPA and UPE. o Those who want to enter a prestigious university. o Students who are already studying at a university and want to subsequently get a prestigious job or organize a successful startup. WHAT SKILLS A PUPIL WILL ACQUIRE: • Techniques for memorizing large texts, dates of historical events, terms, definitions, geographical names, biological typologies, tables, vocabulary words, poems, foreign words. • Work with intelligence cards.•. The development of auditory memory and thinking (useful in writing presentations and essays). • Techniques for increasing brain productivity. • Exercises to increase concentration. • All examples and assignments are shown and worked out on materials from real school textbooks. • As a result of this course, the child acquires important tools that will help to easily pass exams and in the future will become a solid foundation for successful studies at the university, will help to study more interesting, faster and more effective! START DATE: June 2 DURATION: 8 lessons of one and a half hours. RECORD: by phone. 063 538 63 38.

The poster of the event — Super memory for teens on summer vacation in Center of intellectual development "Orpheus"