The events in Odessa at 19 August 2020

Walk on Tairov • Part 2

19 August 2020, 18:00
category: tour
200 UAH
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Sign up for a walk along Tairov • Part 2 About the event timetable We continue to expand the borders of Odessa! Tairovskaya buildings are part of the history of the city, and knowing what to look at, one can plunge into the ideas of the past and the flavor of the present. The concept of "Soviet housing" has a stereotypical meaning - primitive "boxes" or stalinkas. In fact, the era of mass Soviet housing construction includes different practices and cases. Take a look at the Yuzhny microdistrict with our eyes and the world will cease to be the same. You will be surprised how many unusual things are hidden in a little explored and not popular area.  The walk will be especially interesting for photographers and seekers of unusual places, residents of Tairov who want to take a fresh look at their area and residents of the center who have not walked in a sleeping bag. It makes sense to attach to your beautiful photographs of the architecture of Odessa with the hashtag #archodessa in social. networks, and if you wish, you can mark us @archodessa in the insta-post or insta-story!  Your walk guide Taras, co-author of the Tairovskaya Toska blog, grew up on Tairov and knows every corner of his area. He will take you to the most interesting places and fall in love with Tairovskaya Odessa. A refund or transfer of a ticket to another event is possible only two days in advance, so that we have time to complete the group Collapse August 19, 2020 | 18:00 in 10 hours Akademika Glushko, 25 (stop Ilf and Petrov / Glushko) Organizer contacts +380631632009

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