The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

"Applikative and constructive rozvagi". Display to the collage of Sergiy Kirichenko

12 June 2021, 10:30
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov (Polish str., 19)

At the personal exhibition of Sergei Kirichenko, about 30 works from the new series are presented, which are made in the technique of collage from fabric. Subjects - portrait, nature, compositions and still lifes. And the artist's friends half-jokingly called the genre applicative constructivism, which is quite consistent with the direction of the search and served as the name of the exhibition. Sergei Kirichenko in the art environment is known as a talented painter - primarily thanks to the large-scale "Botanical Project". But this time viewers will see the author from an unexpected perspective, and some may be surprised by the use of such material for the execution of works as fabric. We dare to assure that with this series of works the author did not change his painting talent at all, on the contrary, he discovered a new artistic means of expressiveness and the opportunity to look differently at color, line, space and form. According to Sergei Kirichenko, collage helps to express what cannot be expressed in painting. Experiments with fabric were part of creative searches before, but they were mainly used as additional textures, which the author subsequently covered with oil paint. The first work of the series was created on tarpaulin in 2019. It was an interesting experiment, although the material still did not obey - it gathered in folds, the flaps shifted, and glue often emerged. After a year of searching and comprehending the experience, the material called again, the technique was improved.There was an opportunity to create a lot and productively, with minimal participation of oil paint. With the seeming simplicity of the means, it turned out to create very deep images, where the color changes the mood, the plane turns into space, the textures come to life under a random ray of light, and the viewers see the same full-fledged amazing painting that the author is able to generate, no matter what material is taken. Flowers turned into people, the secret stories of things were revealed. In a rich palette of fabric shades, this certain portrait specificity is very well manifested. “Sometimes several portraits are created in a day,” the artist shares. There is a search for an unexpected replacement of realistic tones in the image of nature, in order to lend a stronger, vivid impression to the images. “I will be looking for a miracle,” says the author. And he searches, gropes for an image by rearranging color spots. Creativity flows through the fingers, often a small piece of fabric fits perfectly, and shows the intention. In part, the works contain reflections on quarantine, as a creative protest against total distance. The portraits are open, emotional, the feeling of closeness and contact with the inhabitants of the world on the other side of the picture plane is very strong. This is not a formalistic abstraction, and constructivism is more of a way of creating an object. We are sure that the exposition will tell the attentive viewer about a fascinating creative process, and will allow them to explore the possibilities of their own color sensitivity. See you at the Bleshunov House!

The poster of the event — "Applikative and constructive rozvagi". Display to the collage of Sergiy Kirichenko in The Museum of personal collections them. Bleshunov