The events in Odessa at 15 June 2021

Art-Psy-Therapy: Sunny June☀️ / Scented Lilac

15 June 2021, 18:00
category: master class
from 350 to 470 UAH
place: Art-Psy-Club (PR-t Shevchenko, 2, office. 202)

⛱☀️ SUNNY JUNE☀️⛱  ⛱☀️ ANNOUNCEMENT OF MASTER CLASSES☀️☀️⛱ Everybody draws here!  Skill level doesn't matter!  Our slogan "Soul therapy. Draw with meaning!" For 6 years already! 15.06 - "Fragrant Lilac" - First of all, Lilac means love and was considered a sign of first love in the distant past. A flower can also indicate that it's time for new love to enter your life. It is also a symbol of spirituality, which provides important indications related to the spiritual "journey." 06.19 - "Air travel" - in a big balloon, we will fly over the horizon. An amazing and romantic trip to the brim, together on a balloon. What could be better for adventurers and dreamers. 06.20 - "Sweet cherry" - Watercolor - Sweet cherry is a symbol of fertility, tender feelings of love, youth, and since usually sweet cherry fruits are located two on a branch, it also symbolizes the need for a couple for a happy and harmonious life. 22.06 - "Red Poppies" - Our ancestors had two favorite plants - viburnum and poppy. Ukrainians associated the value of poppy with youth and beauty. If viburnum flowers were embroidered on shirts for older women, then unmarried girls' embroidered shirts were decorated with poppies. Poppy was also considered a symbol of the genus, since seven hundred, seven hundred two or seven hundred and three seeds are placed in its head. It is thanks to the idea of ​​fertility that poppy was often used as a ritual attribute in family and calendar holidays.26.06 - "Sea Lighthouse" - Watercolor - The Lighthouse is a symbol that gives hope. According to feng shui teachings, when drawing a lighthouse, positive energy is completely directed towards solving problems. A picture depicting a lighthouse will be a great decoration for an office or study. June 29 - "Bouquet of Lavender" - the colors of Provence have not left anyone indifferent. This motive passed into the interior, clothing style and dreams of many. Feng Shui fragrant Lavender has truly magical powers: it cleans the space of negative energy, relieves stress, insomnia and depression, and helps to quickly recuperate. No wonder the French call this fragrant delicate flower "blue gold". EVERYONE draws here! A therapy for the soul. We draw with meaning!   * Oil - the cost is 470 UAH. (all materials are included, base canvas 25 * 35). * Watercolor - the cost is 350 UAH. (all materials included) The entry is open and required. 067 * 801 * 66 * 18 (vibeer or telegram) * or 093-606-46-25 ☝If you want to keep abreast of all studio news, write to this number 067 * 801 * 66 * 18 (vibeer or telegrams) * I want to join the group. And we'll add you.  朗 Give gift certificates, come in pairs and with children, we have a rest with the whole family. 殺 拾 ☀️ 鹿 ☘️☀️

The poster of the event — Art-Psy-Therapy: Sunny June☀️ / Scented Lilac in Art-Psy-Club