The events in Odessa at 17 June 2021

Sasha Naselenko "Light and Trail"

17 June 2021, 12:00
category: exhibition
place: The Museum of modern art (Belinskogo St., 5)

A huntological detective story set in the South Ukrainian Gothic setting. A trace is an image, a shadow, an imprint; and light is photography — that which can capture it. At the moment the camera clicks, when the image of reality is "imprinted", the light and the trail are indistinguishable from each other, they are a single whole. But already in the next second, only a ghost remains of them, testifying to one thing: "this was before, now it is not." Roland Barthes writes in an essay by Camera Lucida: “A photo is literally an emanation of the person being photographed. From the real body that was there, the radiations separated, which reached me, me, who is here; no matter how long the transmission lasted; the photo of the disappeared creature touches me like the belated rays of an extinguished star. " Barthes recalls the German word heimlich, an adjective that describes a sense of security on the brink of mystery, akin to tacit maternal concern. (Land chosen by desire) - translates Bart, - the land chosen by desire. For Sasha Naselenko, this land was chosen since childhood, he saw it outside the windows of his native housing estate - a huge wild wasteland in the southeast of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. Once upon a time there were Shabo vineyards - only thin paths remain from them. Now the wasteland has a different face: dog and snake holes, brick ruins and tumbleweeds. Around the wasteland - the infrastructure of the residential area in miniature, reminiscent of the scenery for "Dogville". From the northern edge - a church, in the south - panels, garages, service stations, a school. On the way home from church - big Tavria V.Locals call this place "Jinn Desert". Because sometimes, due to dense fog, the wasteland can completely disappear in a thick haze, hiding everything that happens on its territory. The earth holds memory, and the wasteland is an archive. The author is looking for ghosts to deal with personal traumatic experiences. The winding paths can lead him to a separate trail, and that to clues that will help to finally put everything in its place. To do this, you need to be like a magpie, looking for every shiny thing among the branches. Curators: Vova Chigrinets, Natalia Revko. The Orchestra Of Mirrored Reflections will perform at the exhibition opening at 20:00 Free admission

The poster of the event — Sasha Naselenko "Light and Trail" in The Museum of modern art